Christina Lopes

Nov 9, 2023

EP 220 - Christina Lopes
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Christina Lopes. Christina is a Life Coach, a Spiritual Teacher, and an Author with an impressive background in neuropediatrics. Christina has an amazing awareness for the mind, the body, the connection, and how to process life challenges. Christina has a huge following of her insightful videos on YouTube. Christina recalls her spiritual awakening, and how it was difficult to understand, coming from a clinical mind and background. I think this is the best episode I have done about spirituality. Christina is such a talented teacher, and is able to make this spiritual journey super accessible. So clear and easy to understand. I really hope you enjoy today's journey to awakening.


Christina spent a decade working as a clinician (neuropediatric physical therapy) before becoming a spiritual teacher, healer, and entrepreneur in 2014. Today, she seamlessly bridges science and spirituality to help others heal from significant trauma, open their hearts, and live fulfilling lives. She’s worked with over 2,000 private clients through her online coaching programs and private retreats and reaches hundreds of thousands more monthly through her popular YouTube channel (with over 30 million views).


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