Debra Silverman

Apr 9, 2020

EP 35 - Debra Silverman
Welcome to my first remote Zoom podcast. While the world is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus, we are doing our part. #stayathome. My guest today is astrologer, psychotherapist, Debra Silverman. This is a timely show. We are all sitting at home. We all want answers. What’s going to happen? Why is this happening? Debra talks to us about why there is this huge shift in the universe. How we are having to reevaluate our whole value system. How long this shift is going to last. Even for the biggest skeptics, Debra may turn that boat around for you. We also talk to each sign, about what the effect of Saturn entering Aquarius for the first time in nearly 30 years has on that specific sign. We hope you enjoy this timely, informative, and comforting podcast.


This is the second time Debra Silverman, astrologer and psychotherapist, has been a guest on the Pretty Intense podcast. Today’s show with Debra, we talk about what is going on in the world right now. She explains the major shift in the universe, why it is happening, and how long it will last.


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