Dr. Steven Greer

Apr 15, 2021

EP 85 - Dr. Steven Greer
I hope you are ready to have your mind blown today. We are talking to Dr. Steven Greer, who is an expert on Extraterrestrials communication. Dr. Greer has such an awareness of consciousness that allows him to be ultra aware an open to communicating with alien live. He explains how we are all connected through the cosmic consciousness. Not only are we connected on this earth plane here, like when a mother can sense her child and all of a sudden they call, but we are also connected with extraterrestrial beings on a cosmic plane. Dr. Greer is on a lifetime mission to expose corruption from parties that do not want us all to know the amazing possibilities out there. They would rather feed us with fear then education. He has 2 documentaries you can watch. The first came out a couple of years ago called "Unacknowledged" and most recently "Close Encounters Of The 5th Kind" He has an App called CE5, that provides instructions and tools to assist you in making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact. Dr. Steven Greer, has so much going on for people like me who love UFOs. We hope you enjoy this Episode.



Dr. Steven Greer is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. For over 30 years, Dr. Greer has provided briefings for senior government officials across the globe, conducted numerous media interviews, and delivered hundreds of lectures. He has also written five books and produced feature film documentaries that have been seen by hundreds of millions of people. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world. Learn more about Dr. Greer and his work at www.siriusdisclosure.com.


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