Eben Britton

Aug 17, 2023

EP 208 - Eben Britton
Welcome back to The Pretty Intense Podcast. Our guest today is Eben Britton, a former NFL player for the Chicago Bears. He has now transitioned into a Yoga teacher, a podcast host, and an author. Eben's book is called "Eben Flow Basic Tools To Transform Your Life" and his podcast is called "The Eben Flow Podcast". Eben is someone who is so masculine, but has learned through self admitted failure, how to balance with the feminine. These are the answers. I love listening to how men work. But for you men out there, this is where you get the answers too, how to really find happiness in your life. Eben was miserable physically, mentally, emotionally. And he is sharing with us how he took his happiness back and escaped the darkness. I have been waiting for someone to articulate this stuff as well as Eben has in this interview. He is such a great storyteller as well. Make sure to listen to the end for a great story that I think you will really enjoy.


"I was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles, California. Somewhere in my bi-coastal upbringing lies the essence of my being. A bridge between two worlds (the East and West). Always finding peace in the middle of two extremes. My early years were filled with athletics and art. I fell in love with football and writing. I earned a degree in creative writing from the University of Arizona. Driven by a deep desire to overcome the adversity of my childhood, I battled my way to the NFL. With the tools of visualization, discipline, and vigilance in every aspect of my life, I manifested my childhood dream of being a gridiron warrior in 2009 when I was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars 39th overall. My football career provided me with an in-depth, first-hand experience of dealing with immense pain and trauma. In life after football I was forced to learn and cultivate practices to allow for healing and restoration, bringing balance to my mind, body, and spirit. Seeking out the hidden truths that lie just beneath the surface of everyday experiences. I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and knowledge with the world to leave this place a little better than when I found it.”


Connect with Eben:
IG: @edsbritton
TikTok: @ebenbritton
Twitter: @edsbritton
YouTube: @EbenBrittonFlow
Website: ebenbritton.com