Nov 30, 2023

EP 223 - Jaiya
Welcome back to The Pretty Intense Podcast. You are going to love this one. We are talking with Somatic Sexologist Jaiya today. She is an Author & Founder of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough. Jaiya is also the star of Netflix's "Sex, Love & Goop". Her new book is called, "Your Blueprint for pleasure." Jaiya's mantra in life is "More Pleasure." It is not just about, go have more sex, have more orgasms. Pleasure comes in so many different ways. It's about being more confident, more comfortable, moving the energy. There are so many ways to experience pleasure. We go into what is Tantra Sex? We talk about Porn, Polyamory, and self pleasure. This episode will help you understand what is getting in the way of you having a great sex life. Don't miss this steamy episode!


https://missjaiya.com/ Jaiya is an award-winning Somatic Sexologist, Author, Founder/Creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and Star of Netflix's Sex, Love & goop. For over three decades, Jaiya has been immersed in the study of turn-ons, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, pure erotic play, kinky dynamics, and the biology and psychology of attraction and sexual fulfillment, Jaiya is widely recognized as a leader in the field of sexology. She works with all kinds of bodies and sexual orientations, and through observation and clinical research, she discovered the Erotic Blueprint™, a map of arousal that reveals one’s specific erotic language and patterning and helps create a path forward to greater sexual fulfillment. Growing up, Jaiya was fascinated by sex and was clear early on that her goal in life is to educate and help others to create their most satisfying sex lives and erotic ecstasy. Today, Jaiya helps individuals, and couples learn more about their sexuality so that they can create lasting passion, deepen connection, and experience ultimate pleasure in all areas of their lives. Jaiya aims to shift the cultural view of sexuality as negative, wrong and shameful, to healthy and worthy of cultivation and celebration.


Connect with Jaiya:
Website: www.missjaiya.com 
IG: @missjaiya 
Watch On YouTube: https://youtu.be/6KBVJryc4KE

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