Jenny McCarthy

Oct 15, 2020

EP 59 - Jenny McCarthy
Today on the show we have the beautiful, the talented, the funny, the adorable Jenny McCarthy. This was one of the most fun interviews ever. Jenny has such an amazing honesty, humor and talent for storytelling. We had so much fun hearing about how Jenny became Jenny. Her early struggles. Her determination. Her open-minded quest for happiness, and yes aliens. Jenny came from a small town in the Midwest, like I did. She was raised in a very Catholic family. She tried to put herself through collège. Against all odds, she found herself on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. We hope that like us, you come away from this interview surprised and in love with Jenny McCathy. We sure did.



Jenny McCarthy is an actress, comedian, host, best-selling author, spokeswoman and entrepreneur.  She currently hosts The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM, where she has been live on the air since 2014, discussing relationships, parenting and entertainment in her popular two-hour daily show.  She has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including her own sitcoms, a late-night talk show, daytime talk and, most recently, Donnie Loves Jenny, a docu-series she also executive produced for A&E.  She has hosted countless live events, specials and award shows from the American Music Awards to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  A New York Times best-selling author, McCarthy has written nine books on topics ranging from pregnancy and motherhood to sex and growing up Catholic.


Connect with Jenny:
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