JP and Amber Sears

Oct 1, 2020

EP 57 - JP and Amber Sears
On today’s episode we have the spiritual power couple JP and Amber Sears. JP Sears calls himself a "Conscious Comedian”. Originally a life coach and spiritual guide, JP realized he was hiding what would become his most distinctive of talents…comedy. JP however wants to use this talent to help people find their true selves, with healing and growth lessons delivered with a laugh. JP has a huge following of his comic videos, and his podcast The Awaken with JP Sears.

We are also lucky enough to have Amber Sears with us as well. Amber is a dancer, Pilates expert, a nutritionist, business and life adviser, and all round spiritual entrepreneur. I had such a great time talking to this spiritually driven couple. We talked about awakening, about letting go of what is not working, about relationships, and business. They were open enough to share their personal stories of successfully navigating, business, talent, passions, and family as a couple. There are so many insights in today's podcast that you can take away and consider in your own life experiences. We hope you enjoy today's show.

JP Sears is a conscious comedian, emotional healing coach, author, YouTuber, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos, which have accumulated over 400 million views. JP is also the host of his podcast, The Awaken With JP Sears Show. Amber Sears, is an international Pilates and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, former professional dancer and business coach, sun worshipping environmentalist, and planet romping entrepreneur who is here on a BIG mission to help empower and support you on your journey of creating your most epic life possible. 


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