Julianne Hough

Dec 10, 2020

EP 67 - Julianne Hough
Today on the Pretty Intense podcast we have the absolutely delightful Julianne Hough. Talk about talent. Julianne does it all. She is an actor, singer, and Emmy winning choreographer. She is beautiful, she is charming and she is kind. I had never met Julianne before, but we are now officially friends. I think you will fall in love with Julianne too after this interview. Julianne is so generous with sharing her private experiences that have caused her happiness, pain, grief, and success. She shares with us how she has had to learned how to deal with what the universe has given her. The good, bad, and the ugly. I am inspired by Julianne's energy, and her genuine longing to help others in their journey towards happiness. If you have not yet heard of her latest project kinrgy.com, then check it out. KINRGY is a movement experience inspired by the elements. It focuses your mind, sculpts your body and ignites your life. Don't we all need some of that? I hope you enjoy today's interview. Loved meeting Julianne, and I think you will too.



Julianne Hough is an actress, dancer, singer and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, known to audiences around the world for her roles in “Grease: Live!,” “Footloose,” “Safe Haven” and as a two-time professional champion and judge on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” She recently launched KINRGY, a movement experience that utilizes dance, breath work, and strength training to focus the mind and sculpt the body.


Connect with Julianne:
IG: @juleshough
FB: @JulianneHough
Twitter: @juliannehough