Karen Anderson

Jan 4, 2024

EP 228 - Karen Anderson
Today we are talking to Karen Anderson of the PET MEDIUM. Karen is the author of “The Pet I Can’t Forget", and she is a pet communicator and a pet loss specialist. The concept of an afterlife is often associated with religious beliefs and varies across different cultures and faiths. While many religions have differing views on whether animals have an afterlife, it is generally believed that human beings possess a soul or spirit that continues to exist after death. However, beliefs about the afterlife for animals are more diverse. In some religious traditions, such as certain branches of Christianity, it is believed that only humans have souls capable of an afterlife, while animals do not. On the other hand, some indigenous religions and spiritual beliefs, such as certain Native American and African traditions, believe that animals do have souls and may continue to exist in some form after death. Many people report receiving signs from departed pets in their daily lives. Pay attention to unusual occurrences, such as specific sounds, sights, or animal behavior that remind you of your pet. Before going to sleep, express your intention to communicate with your departed pet through dreams. Keep a dream journal and pay attention to any dreams or symbols that may feel meaningful. We hope you find comfort in this episode.



Karen Anderson is an esteemed author and award-winning animal communicator and pet loss specialist known for her heartwarming and insightful books that explore the afterlife of animals and the profound connections we share with our beloved pets. Karen has written three best-selling books documenting her journey from deputy sheriff to psychic, including the newly released book, The Pet I Can't Forget, along with her first two books The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures. Karen established herself as a trusted voice in the realm of animal spirituality. Her books are filled with actual messages from departed pets drawn from sessions she conducted over the past 26 years. She also offers a pet loss app, free training, animal communication courses, and established a non-profit animal sanctuary providing a final refuge for the pets no one else wants. The elderly, special needs, and abandoned companion animals have a forever home at Karen's sanctuary and proceeds from her books and courses benefit the animals. 


Connect with Karen:
IG: @karen_anderson_net
Twitter: @TalksToPets
Facebook: @KarenAndersonCoachAuthor

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