Madelyn Moon

Dec 21, 2023

EP 226 - Madelyn Moon
Welcome to The Pretty Intense Podcast. You are in for a sexy treat today. Our guest is Madelyn Moon. Madelyn is a Mythic Relationship Magician, and expert in the language of the body, and author of the book "Artist Of Love." Madelyn offers live immersion workshops. Her next one is in Sedona, AZ. You can learn more about that at There is irreversible potency to being in an immersive space with women devoted to this level of ecstatic aliveness. Today on the show, Madelyn is able to walk us through some really useful tricks that help us to free our body, mind and energy. It takes so little to just raise the stakes a tiny bit, and feel the reward. Why not dip a toe into this world of allowing yourself ultimate pleasure. If you want to upgrade your energetic, sexual authenticity, this is the episode for you. Have fun with today's episode.


Madelyn Moon is a leading voice in the world of feminine-masculine relationships, devoted to serving women in liberating their expressive, artistic hearts with themselves, with partners, and with the world. Her work and story has been featured in hundreds of podcasts as well as various publications such as BBC, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE and ABC News Nightline. Madelyn teaches live programs, workshops and courses both online and in person, and is the author of the best-selling book, Artist of Love.


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IG: @madelynmoon
FB: @moonfitness
Twitter: @mindbodymusings
YouTube: @maddymoontv

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