Mia Magik

Jun 1, 2023

EP 197 - Mia Magik
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Mia Magik. She calls herself the "Head Mistress of IntuWitchin." Mia explains off the top what being a "Witch" really is all about. Mia goes deep into the history of magic, witches, alchemy, women, and all the hard things we have gone through over time. We really get into talking about the powers of sex magic, and of manifestation through sex magic, to create the life you really want. So many things are out of our control in life, but we can control ourselves and how we manifest. Today you will learn details on the techniques Mia and her community use together to create a higher vibrational state. Enjoy this empowering episode.


Mia Magik is an ambassador for Modern Magik and Mother Nature, returning ancient ways to the modern day. On a mission of PERMISSION, Mia helps uncover the most magikal version of self through dedicated spiritual transfiguration and purification of patriarchal programming to connect with IntuWitchin-' the inner wisdom & guidance system. Reclaiming the truth, that **Witch means Wise**. As Headmistress of Witch School, Witchy Rich and Sourcerous Mia has empowered thousands of people to reconnect with their infinite super*natural* abilities through the embodiment of Nature’s elements. Guiding them to fulfillment of purpose, grounded confidence, financial abundance, and a lasting legacy for future generations. Mia’s transmission opens unique spiritual gifts, harnessing magikal Earth energy to transform your life and community. Mia’s luxurious castle retreats on enchanted lands provide an immersive opportunity to experience a Goddess-based version of Hogwarts. Alchemizing pain into power, held in the embrace of Mother Earth surrounded by sacred sisterhood, each attendee leaves embodied in their royal archetype. Her retreats are consistently referred to as the most impactful experience of a lifetime. Mia's advocacy for Mother Nature and Earth Witchery has made her a respected and sought-after figure in the environmental community. She uses her platforms to raise awareness about important ecological issues for sustainability and encourages her followers to take action in service of the Mother we all share. Mia Magik gives us permission to feel safe in our power, pleasure, playfulness, purpose & prosperity, making a more majestically mystical, magikal world for us all.


Connect with Mia:
IG: @MiaMagik
FB: @MiaMagik
YouTube: @MiaMagik
Website: www.miamagik.com 
Free Intuition Meditation: https://mia-magik.com/meditation

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