Sheleana Aiyana

Sep 3, 2020

EP 53 - Sheleana Aiyana
Today on the Pretty Intense Podcast we have Sheleana Aiyana, spiritual psychology writer, and creator of the Rising Woman @risingwoman IG. We talk about understanding conscious relationships. We talk about the hardships Sheleana has gone through to arrive at a place of peace and understanding. She explains how we can accept what we have been through, to realize that we needed that pain to grow and to arrive at a full love embodied life. We learn how our past pains are important lessons, and once we understand that, we can also understand what cause triggers in our behavior. Realizing those triggers and why they happen, help us to react more lovingly to others, and to understand their short comings, and accept them with empathy. This level of understanding will inevitably allow healthier relationships to happen. There is so much to learn from this podcast with Sheleana. So much information to help our personal growth towards real happiness.


I’m Sheleana Aiyana. Founder and Visionary of Rising Woman, and Conscious Relationship, Spiritual Psychology Writer. Rising Woman was a seedling in my consciousness for many years before I felt ready to bring this vision forth. My early childhood experiences of abandonment, trauma and loss followed me throughout my early adult life until it all came to a head in my mid 20’s. Through a painful divorce, my awakening was catalyzed. All of the pain from my past was up for review. And thus, the journey began. Since then, I have engaged in years of training, plant-medicine ceremonies, breath work, shadow work and inner-child work.In 2015, I slowly began to put the pieces together and today, Rising Woman is a community of over 1.9 million and counting. You can find my daily writing on Instagram @RisingWoman where we provide a space to connect, explore the spiritual principles of Conscious Relationship, Shadow Work, Inner-Child work and Astrology.


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