Stacey Barnes

Jan 2, 2020

EP 21 - Stacey Barnes
Today is a special episode with my friend Stacey Barnes, who I've been friends with for 15 years. We've really, really grown together as people and as just citizens of the world and having a little introspection with the way that we operate and the way that we think. And so when we're together, we just go off. I mean, we can just talk for hours and hours and hours and it never ends. And it's always a very deep dive. So I thought it'd be really fun to do a show with her and just dive into one word. So the word of the day today is TRANSITION and the word really is meant to make you just understand what it's like to transition through the difficult times. And we're just gonna share some of our experiences and some of the ways that it may feel to you. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Stacey is one of my best friends and spiritual guru.