Stacey Barnes

Nov 5, 2020

EP 62 - Stacey Barnes
We have Stacey Leigh Barnes on the show today, and our word of the day is DUALITY. Duality by definition means: an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something. Well this is for sure the week of duality. Duality is uncomfortable, in any situation. Life brings us duality in many different forms. What we need to learn is how to process duality. How we deal with this discomfort is entirely up to us. Do we fight it, do we sit in our own anger, do we journal about it and allow ourselves to feel our feelings. The choice is ours. Aren’t we here as humans to experience duality. Bliss, joy, happiness, love, grief, sadness, anger, regret, envy. We are here to feel it all and to learn from it all. We can spend a lot of time trying to keep things comfortable, when we should be getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.



Stacey Leigh Barnes found this little life journey to have lots of “peaks and valleys”, like the majestic ridged mountains & “ebbs and flows”, like the wondrous & mesmerizing ocean. As she continued to become more awake to the present & accepting all that is; Stacey realized that finding authentic Soul purpose is where inner peace, self-acceptance and love lies deep within each of us. Stacey is an entrepreneur/co-creator of, creative spirit, avid adventure seeker, travel enthusiast and has a deep passion for connection; connection with nature, people, family, friends, food and most important connection within ourselves. Stacey aspires to live a fully conscious and soul embodied life and there is much work ahead.  


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