Stacey Leigh Barnes

Feb 4, 2021

EP 75 - Stacey Leigh Barnes / Feel Joy
Back on the show today is our beautiful and inspirational Stacey Leigh Barnes. Every year I choose a word of the year. My word of the year was going to be FEEL, but I felt like 2020 had me feeling too much. I am sure I am not alone in that. Stacey suggested that I add a word to my word of the year. So I added JOY. FEEL JOY. This is what I want for the year 2021, for myself and for all of you. Stacey and I dig into the topic, of choosing to feel joy. After all joy is contagious. Once you choose to feel it. More comes your way. More comes to those in your life. We hope that today's episode helps you to focus on your word, and create what you want out of the year ahead.



Stacey Leigh Barnes found this little life journey to have lots of “peaks and valleys”, like the majestic ridged mountains & “ebbs and flows”, like the wondrous & mesmerizing ocean. As she continued to become more awake to the present & accepting all that is; Stacey realized that finding authentic Soul purpose is where inner peace, self-acceptance and love lies deep within each of us. Stacey is an entrepreneur/co-creator of, creative spirit, avid adventure seeker, travel enthusiast and has a deep passion for connection; connection with nature, people, family, friends, food and most important connection within ourselves. Stacey aspires to live a fully conscious and soul embodied life and there is much work ahead. 


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