Dane Cook

Jul 13, 2023

EP 203 - Dane Cook
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Dane Cook. Dane is a comedian who is having a recreation in his career. Dane has a new show called "Above It All." He is also touring, and filming a documentary right now. This conversation did not go the way you would think it would go. It went in super fun and interesting ways. Yes it was funny, and yes he is interesting, but he is also so deep. He is actually a lot like me. He is on a mission for truth. We are both introverts. We also both like to go deep into ourselves, to figure life out, and make the most of it, and be happy. This episode is packed with life lessons. Dane tells us all about his childhood, and how that has made him the person that he is. We talk about what makes good comedy, the cancel culture, and failure. I set an intention this morning to have today bring me delight and surprise, and Dane Cook was just that. I hope you enjoy it, nearly as much as I did.


Comedy trailblazer and actor, Dane Cook, is known for his legendary stand-up comedy specials, unparalleled stage presence, and observational humor.  He has released a number of record-breaking comedy specials including “Vicious Circle,” “Isolated Incident,” “Harmful if Swallowed,” “Retaliation,” “Tourgasm,” and “Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden.” In addition to stand-up comedy, he is known for his various acting roles in movies such as “Good Luck Chuck,” “My Best Friend’s Girl,” “Dan in Real Life,” “Employee of the Month,” “Waiting…” and more. He was the second comedian, after Andrew Dice Clay, to sell out Madison Square Garden. In October 2022, Cook released his latest comedy special, “Above It All,” through the emerging platform, Moment, which quickly soared to the top of the comedy album charts. “Above It All,” for which Cook reteamed with famed director, Marty Callner, debuted with an unforgettable premiere event at the World Famous TCL Chinese Theatre. Most recently, Cook announced that he has partnered with Super Channel to produce a documentary on his life titled, “Brace for Impact: The Dane Cook Story.” He has also announced new tour dates for 2023 which can be found on DaneCook.com


Connect with Dane:
IG: @danecook
Twitter: @danecook
Facebook: @danecook
Website: www.danecook.com

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