Kat Timpf

Jul 6, 2023

EP 202 - Kat Timpf
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Kat Timpf. She is a comedian, NYT Bestselling Author, cohost of the show, "Gutfeld" on Fox, a contributing editor at Fox News, and has also worked on Barstool Sports. I feel like you can't get two more different worlds then Fox News and Barstool Sports. Kat has a book just released called, "You Can't Joke About That". This was the perfect launching point for this interview, to talk about stuff that we don't normally get to talk about, like sex, politics, religion, death, sickness. We are laughing at all the taboo topics. It is through talking about things that we begin to understand things, and each other. We are also able to process those aspects of life better, through talking and laughing. We should feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, to learn and to grow. Learn to get over yourself, and heal through laughter. We hope you enjoy this episode.


Kat Timpf is the cohost of Gutfeld! and a Fox News contributor. She has worked at National Review and Barstool Sports and was a stand-up comedian long enough for this to be her third time quitting. You may recognize her from her more than ten years studying and writing about speech, or from being the worst waitress you’ve ever had. She lives in New York City with her husband, Cam, their dog, Carl, and her cat, Cheens.


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