Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Sep 21, 2023

EP 213 - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Today’s show is with Dr Gabrielle Lyon, is a family medicine practitioner, and an expert in nutritional science. I have been watching Gabrielle on YouTube for years. She brings us so much knowledge on the protein conundrum. I went through my own phases of not knowing, do we really need animal protein? How much protein should we have? What does it do? This is the stuff of longevity. This is how you stay healthy, so your function at eighty is still quality. Gabrielle has a book coming out in October called “Forever Strong.” She knows so much about skeletal muscle, how to make it, and how to maintain it, as well as the fact that she is just a cool bad ass woman. I really think you are going to enjoy this episode.


Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a board-certified family medicine and fellowship-trained physician in nutritional sciences and geriatrics. She is the author of the new book, Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy For Aging Well. Dr. Lyon completed a combined research and clinical fellowship in geriatrics and nutritional sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. She also completed her undergraduate training in nutritional sciences at the University of Illinois. Dr. Lyon is a subject-matter expert and educator in the practical application of protein types and levels for health, performance, aging, and disease prevention. She has continued to receive mentorship from Dr. Donald Layman, PhD, over the course of two decades to help bring protein metabolism and nutrition from the bench to the bedside.


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