David Wilcock

Sep 28, 2023

EP 214 - David Wilcock
Welcome to the Pretty Intense podcast. Today on the show...this is a big deal. David Wilcock is on the phone. David has not done an interview in 2 years. You might recognize David from "Ancient Aliens." He is a film-maker, a speaker, an author, and a researcher of ancient civilizations. David has been in the UFO community for so long now. We are talking today about "Deep State," UFOs, ancient civilizations, cataclysms, where things are going on this planet, consciousness, and some new secret technologies that are available. There are so many taboo subjects that we address today. Don't miss this episode.


David Wilcock is a regular talent and Consulting Producer for Ancient Aliens on History Channel, a double New York Times best-selling author, a popular lecturer, and has starred in over 620 episodes of television. David’s research has uncovered new paradigms of matter and biology and greatly expanded humanity’s understanding of extraterrestrial life. David is also the Director of Advanced Technologies for Stavatti Aerospace as well as a significant investor.


Connect with David:
IG: @david_wilcock
Facebook: @DivineCosmosConvergence
Twitter: @david_wilcock
YouTube: @davidwilcock333 
Website: https://thedisclosure.com/

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