Mat√ćas De Stefano

Jun 29, 2023

EP 201 - MatÍas De Stefano
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today is pretty intense for sure. The guest is MatÍas De Stefano, and he is a guy who remembers all of his past lives. He knows the history of the planet, with Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt. What we focused on today was what this reality is all about. What we are here to do. What created us. How we evolve. The message is just so peaceful, but also riveting, fascinating, and informational. MatÍas is able to connect all the dots. I loved this conversation. It went in ways that I did not expect. I thought we would spend the entire time talking about who built the Pyramids. I have listened to so many interviews with MatÍas De Stefano, and I have never heard him talk about a lot of what we covered today. Enjoy this peaceful information.


He was born in the city of Venado Tuerto, Argentina, on August 4, 1987. He spent his childhood in his native neighborhood and spent his adolescence between Argentina and Spain, where he lived between the ages of 15 and 19. Since 2009, at the age of 21, he began to transmit his particular vision of understanding reality in talks, workshops and conferences, helping thousands of people to have a different perspective of our environment and ourselves. He called his entire philosophical worldview Ater Tumti, which we can translate as: “Heaven on Earth”, a concept that tries to explain that we are creators of our own reality, as well as the tools and objectives that we leave in it to be able to transcend it At the age of 24, in 2011, he held a meeting for the Awakening of Consciousness which was attended by some 6,000 people from at least 20 countries. This meeting called 11:11, gave rise to the Harwitum Movement, which we translate as "the Path from North to South", a journey of historical recognition and activation of planetary consciousness that was carried out by 40 countries on 7 continents, throughout the year 2012 culminating on December 21 of that year in Antarctica, the same day that the Arsayian Foundation was legally launched: "Those Who Speak to the World", with the aim of supporting projects and social movements that help us in a network to create actions for the Awakening of Consciousness, understanding our role as Humanity and the tool of Society, from the spiritual importance of biology in an evolutionary and harmonious development with the world. The objective was to give rise to a Social Network Project that would collaborate with building the bases of a civilization aligned with the evolution of the planet. This core project is named after Isidris, in honor of a legendary hidden city in the Andes dedicated to the children of the future. In order to build a new civilization, we must recognize their purpose and that of humanity, and for this reason, along with Isidris, the YoSoy project was born, which aims to generate a global awareness movement on the recognition of human purpose on Earth. , generating written and audiovisual material as educational and awareness-raising. The recognition of who we are on and with the Earth to act towards the transformation and harmoniously evolutionary development of the Social and Natural Being that we make up. Recognize that I and the Earth are United, that I am One, thus creating the paradigm of a social tool based on the Empowerment of the Being, what he called: Evolutionary Ontocracy. 


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