Randall Carlson

Sep 7, 2023

EP 211 - Randall Carlson
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. We have a guest today that really lives up to the name - The Pretty Intense Podcast. His name is Randall Carlson. Randall hosts a podcast called Kosmographia. He is also a geomythologist. He has been studying the planetary evolution of the continents, water, Earth impacts, and how this all has shaped our planet, in a timeframe that is not very long. Of course there were the dinosaurs, the cataclysm 65 million years ago in the Yukatan, but just in the last 15,000 years you will be blown away to understand the changes that we have experienced on this planet. Randall has been researching these esoteric topics for over 50 years. He has come to some fascinating conclusions as to what events have been happening on our planet, and what might be coming down the pipeline soon. And by pipeline I mean out of the sky. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks for joining us.


Randall Carlson is a 3rd generation professional builder and co-owner of Archetype Design/Build, Inc. A rural upbringing in Minnesota led to an avid interest in the workings of the natural world at an early age. As an enthusiastic reader he developed a broad interest in science, history, and mythology. An interest in building and architecture led to an in-depth study of the methods, symbolism, geometry, and science incorporated into the many sacred structures throughout the ages. He was initiated into the Masonic Craft in 1978 and he has been an active Freemason since that time, rising in 1990 to become Master of one of the oldest and largest Lodges in Georgia. He has immersed himself deeply into the science of global change as it is revealed through both modern scientific research and traditional systems of knowledge. He was awarded outstanding geology student of the year at Dekalb College in 1993 and was recognized by the National Science Teachers Association in 2002 for his contributions to science education for young people. The acclaimed 1997 TBS/CNN documentary Fire from the Sky, in which he appeared, and which has had over 20 million viewers, was based upon his research into catastrophic Earth change and cosmic impacts. Over the past 30 years he has led dozens of expeditions and tours documenting evidence for cycles of Earth change while also studying the effects of such events upon past civilizations. He was featured prominently in Graham Hancock’s bestselling book, Magicians of the Gods. He is currently partnering with howtube.com, a recently launched internet platform predicated upon the free and uncensored exchange of knowledge and ideas. He is also a key member of a team working to bring forth a new plasma-based energy technology that has the potential to transform the industrial landscape of the world. Randall co-hosts the podcast “Kosmographia” that focuses upon his varied interests. His growing body of work can be found at randallcarlson.com and howtube.com


Connect with Randall:
IG: @therandallcarlson
FB: @TheRandallCarlson
Twitter: @randallwcarlson
YouTube: @therandallcarlson

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