Robert Breedlove

Aug 31, 2023

EP 210 - Robert Breedlove
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Thank you so much for coming. Today on the show is Robert Breedlove. Robert is an extremely intelligent man who started reading as a kid, things like Astro Physics. He is an ex-fund manager and has a podcast called: "What Is Money." Robert considers himself a "Freedom Maximalist," and a Bitcoin Philosopher. What we learn today is that we might have to rethink money. We might not actually have what we think we do. Your money, might not be as stable as you think it is. Finally, a clear light shines on digital currency, and why it's important. Enjoy this episode, and let us know what you think in the comments.


Robert Breedlove, a Tennessee native, is a freedom maximalist, ex-hedge fund manager, and philosopher in the Bitcoin space, where he publishes The Freedom Analects and hosts The "What is Money?" Show podcast and video series. To him, Bitcoin is fundamentally a humanitarian movement exposing the greatest con in human history: Central Banking. By exploring the connection between honest money, entrepreneurship, and civilization, we are renewing hope for the future of humanity. To this end, Robert's mission is to restore freedom, truth, and virtue in our world by tenaciously asking the question: "What is Money?”

Connect with Robert:
IG: @breedlove_22
Twitter: @Breedlove22
YouTube: @RobertBreedlove22