Dianna Cowern

Sep 8, 2022

EP 159 - Dianna Cowern
Welcome back to The Pretty Intense Podcast. We have a Pretty Intense interview with science communicator, and massive YouTube personality Dianna Cowern. Dianna is better known as "Physics Girl". She has an audience of over 2.5 million on her YouTube channel, and has a wonderful way of explaining the most complicated of theories. The video content she creates explains everything from crystal formation, to quantum physics, to bending of time, to dark matter, and black holes. If you are interested in physics or even just how the world works and how space works, check her out. Today we got into time, dimensions, fractals, and all things physics. The point of this interview is to remember to "Stay Curious". We hope you enjoy this time bending interview.



Dianna is the always enthusiastic, ever curious, creator and host of the highly successful YouTube channel Physics Girl. She’s especially passionate about science, education and sparking a lifelong curiosity in science for girls and minorities. Hawaii born and raised, Dianna was inspired by physics as a girl. Thanks to encouragement by her teachers and family, she pursued a physics degree at MIT. She subsequently explored careers in scientific research (at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), software engineering (at General Electric) and science outreach (at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center and the University of California San Diego) before committing to the Physics Girl YouTube channel full-time. Dianna loves sharing her curiosity with her 1.3 million subscribers and beyond, and she was recently named as one of Forbes 30 under 30. Her time is split between writing, filming and producing content for her YouTube channel; and public speaking engagements at conferences, universities, classrooms, and further afield. She lives in San Diego and loves to get out on the water surfing.


Connect with Dianna:
IG: @thephysicsgirl
FB: @thephysicsgirl
Twitter @thephysicsgirl
Website: physicsgirl.org/