Kaia Ra

Apr 20, 2023

EP 191 - Kaia Ra
Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. On the show today is my good friend Kaia Ra. Kaia is an international bestselling author with the book "The Sophia Code". You are going to hear about all the ascended Masters that Kaia channeled for this book. She is a divine feminine speaker of sovereignty. Kaia is a promoter of having your own power of sovereignty in this life, to rise to your full potential. We talk about what our potential is, and what forces keep us separated from those divine achievements. We talk about dark energies, nefarious agendas, the way that manifests in this reality, and the way that we experience that. This is an insanely inspiring and empowering episode, that should lead you to a place where you feel you are capable of more than you have ever imagined, which is actually true. Anything you want you can have. Enjoy this enlightening episode.


Kaia Ra is the international bestselling author and channel of The Sophia Code® book, as well as a prominent leader of the Divine Feminine movement. She co-creates life changing curriculums and ceremonies with the Ascended Masters for our online Mystery School which you can access on The Sophia Code App, including a free monthly online gathering called The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective. Kaia Ra birthed The Sophia Code Foundation in 2018 as a non-profit organization for spiritual education and healing, which includes the vision to create a Divine Feminine temple site and Magdalene healing center for survivors of rape. A leading-edge voice for our generation, Kaia Ra guides a global movement to activate humanity’s sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She now co-creates this international ministry alongside Sophia Circle Leaders® who are officially certified to facilitate Sophia Circle Journeys® through every chapter of The Sophia Code book. Her life is dedicated to revealing the truth of our shared and equal sovereign divinity through a willing human life consecrated to faith, love, service, creativity, and advocacy.


Connect with Kaia:
IG: @kaiaraofficial
FB: @kaiaraofficial
YouTube: @TheSophiaDragonTribe