Stacey Barnes

Oct 31, 2019

EP 12 - Stacey Barnes (GROW)
This week, we're doing something a little bit different. This isn't going to be a deep dive into one person. This is going to be a deep dive into a single word: Grow. And I'm going to do this with one of my best friends, Stacey Barnes, who has really been my little spiritual guru. Stacey is always very forward thinking, open-minded and dipping her toe into new mental spaces and new perspectives, and always seeking growth. So we're going to dive into the word “grow” today. “Grow” happens to be my personal word of the year. So we thought that was a really appropriate word to go into. So I hope that you enjoy this deep dive into a word that has meant a lot to me this year. Here’s an entire episode dedicated to the word “grow”.


Stacey is one of my best friends and spiritual guru.