T.J. Patrick

Aug 29, 2019

EP 3 - TJ Patrick
How many times do you get to interview your dad? Danica and T.J. Patrick sit down, and no subject is untouched; Danica’s childhood, her true early origins of racing, getting grounded in high school, the Patrick family Christmas traditions and so much more, including the story of TJ sampling the local cuisine in Amsterdam! You just have to listen....


Today we're talking to my dad, T.J. Patrick. I just thought it'd be fascinating to sit down and kind of “grill” my dad. Does anyone really sit down and grill their dad about deep subjects and really dive into their psyche and ask questions? Think about the questions that you've never asked before because you just take them for granted because it's your dad? Well, I did. So we talked about all kinds of things and talked about childhood. He told me the true story of how we started racing, which is different than mine. I'm super bummed about it. But hey, truth is truth. We had fun and it was nice to hear stories that even I've never heard before. So please enjoy.