Tim Kennedy

Mar 23, 2023

EP 187 - Tim Kennedy
Welcome to The Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the show is Bad Ass - Tim Kennedy. Tim is an active special mission sniper. He is ranger qualified. He is a Green Beret. He fought in the UFC. He owns a training facility in Austin Texas called Sheep Dog Response, where they train people in fighting and in saving peoples lives. Ultimately he is an insanely brave, strong, capable human being, that has put himself in so many dangerous situations, and pushed the limits of comfort. We talk today about what it is that makes a really high quality human, that is capable, confident, and competent. It is all about getting uncomfortable. Get outside your comfort zone. Talk to people you don't necessarily agree with. The value of what happens within that discomfort is called growth. The reason Tim Kennedy caught our attention as a guest was originally Tim posting about his school he has started. How many of you out there would agree that the public school system needs a revamp? Tim has started a school called Apogee (www.apogeestrong.com). The teaching style within Apogee offers a different and possibly more efficient way of teaching our young how to be critical thinkers, and creators, rather than consumers. Tim is an all together fascinating, open minded, and inspiring man. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.



TIM KENNEDY is a Green Beret, sniper and former MMA fighter. He’s starred on the History Channel’s Hunting Hitler and Discovery’s Hard to Kill. In 2022 Tim wrote and published Scars and Stripes which became an instant New York Times Best Seller and remains on the list and the #1 book on Amazon. He is also one of the four founding members of Save Our Allies a humanitarian nonprofit that evacuated thousands out of Afghanistan, during the fall of Kabul, and provided humanitarian aid to the front line during the initial invasion into Ukraine. Tim owns Apogee Cedar Park a private school in Texas, and Sheepdog Response, a tactical training company. He lives with his wife and children in Texas. You can follow Tim on Instagram & Twitter @TimKennedyMMA.


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