Howie Mandel

Sep 12, 2019

EP 5 - Howie Mandel
One the most original and successful entertainers today, Howie has effortlessly gone from stand-up comedian, to dramatic actor, to talk show host to presenter, judge and executive producer of some of the biggest shows in television today. All while maintaining a reputation for having one of the most fun and positive attitudes in Hollywood.


Let me just set the scene up for you: I arrive 45 minutes early for Howie’s interview. I'm sitting on the couch. And I'm thinking, “I'm going to take the notes that I've done while researching Howie and put them onto my blue note cards that I always have in front of me”. It helps me remember. But also it's a reference if I want to make sure that there's a topic I want to dive into. Because sometimes you get into a conversation and you forget to ask things. Like, how many times have you been in an argument or in a good conversation and you’re like, “Oh, man, I should have asked that!!!” And I don't want to do that with these wonderful people that are giving me this hour, hour and a half of their time. I want to get it all in. So I make notes. And I'm over on the couch and here Howie comes walking in. And he's like, “Are we ready?” And I'm like, “Oh, God, I haven't written my notes on the card yet!!” And I want to make sure I'm prepared. He's like, “You don't need those. Let's just get going.” And he keeps talking and I'm like, “Oh, my gosh…” So I just jot down like, literally almost bullet points, much, much, much thinner amount of information than I normally do. And we sit down. And we just go on and on! And really, when I mean “we”, I mean “he”. Howie is so full of energy. A very positive, “live in the now” kind of guy. And on the show today, you're going to hear how powerful it can be to be more present, and how detrimental it can be to try and plan your life. And I'm going to say it hit home because that's something I try and do all the time as plan my life. And I'm not so much of a “go with the flow” person. So I found it extremely beneficial. And then, of course, you're gonna hear all the stories of how he's been wildly successful just going with the flow. So please enjoy.


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