Bobby Flay

Sep 19, 2019

EP 5 - Bobby Flay
If you eat, does Bobby Flay need an introduction? A bedrock mainstay on The Food Network for over 25 years, Bobby has continuously hosted programs that bring the best cooking ideas and tips to America. And his many restaurants bring his unique culinary skills to the palate of countless food lovers around the world.


Today on the show is Bobby Flay. Fantastic chef. New York City boy that made it big. I went on his show. He's a great guy. He's funny. We have a lot of similar interests. And one of them that came up was his love for horses and horse racing. And oh, my gosh: Horseracing and race cars are very similar. I knew that horsepower and horses were both very expensive. But it turns out they actually have a lot of really common themes too. So we talked about that. We talked about things that he's done in his life that have really been meaningful to him. He took a trip to Rome and spent five weeks by himself. So I thought that was really inspiring. And we talked about why. We talked about how he felt about it and how that maybe changed his life forever. That trip, with just him and his cat, Nacho!! Please enjoy.


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