Jun 3, 2021

EP 92 - Moby:
The LEGEND MOBY is with us today. What an absolute thrill. Moby is an artist that creates with true honesty and vulnerability. Our conversation was just that, open, honest, and vulnerable. We talk about his career, his upbringing, his battles with addiction, and self worth. It is easy to think of people who get to the top of their game, as having it easy. It is refreshing to be reminded that even musical legends have their struggles, their battles. Moby had a hard time with fame when he was younger. He talks about how that effected his life, and what he learned from the mistakes he made. Moby has a new album out called Reprise, which you have to listen to. He also has a documentary of his life story out, with the best title ever, Moby Doc. You will come away from this episode feeling like Moby is a friend. I know I did. Please enjoy.


Richard Melville Hall was born September 11, 1965, in the Manhattan, New York City, in the Harlem neighborhood to Elizabeth McBride (née Warner) and James Frederick Hall. His mother was a medical secretary and his father a professor of chemistry. The nickname Moby was assigned by his father, and was a reference to the book "Moby-Dick". Moby claims that Herman Melville, the author of "Moby-Dick" is his Great-Great-Great-Uncle. Moby's father died in a car accident when he was two years old after which his mother moved them first to San Francisco in 1969, and then between the Connecticut towns of Darien and Stratford.

At the age of nine, Moby began to play classical guitar and piano and then studied jazz, music theory, and percussion. In 1983, he joined the punk band the Vatican Commandos as a guitarist. Moby formed AWOL, known as a post punk group, and released a self-titled EP where he is credited as Moby Hall. Moby studied philosophy at the University of Connecticut and began to move from classical instruments toward electronic music, starting as a DJ for the college radio station WHUS. He transferred to State University of New York at Purchase, continuing to study philosophy and gaining interest in photography, but dropped out of college completely to pursue a DJ career. Today, Moby is known as an electronic music pioneer, vegan, and activist championing causes to bring awareness to animal welfare and climate change.


Connect with Moby: 
IG: @moby
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Twitter: @thelittleidiot

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