Peter Crone - Part 1

Jun 10, 2021

EP 93 - Peter Crone (Part 1)
This was an unexpected episode. We did not know we were going to dig in so deep today. Today on the show is Peter Crone. Peter specializes in revealing the limitless beliefs and subconscious narratives that dictate and shape our behavior, health, relationships, and performance. Peter Crone is able to unpack some really hidden emotions. The process is fascinating. We did not know where this episode was going, but at the same time it was such a clear path. We hope you enjoy the magic of Peter Crone.


Peter’s mother passed when he was 7 and his father passed when he was 17. His resulting fear of loss, especially in relationships, was triggered by his first romantic relationship ending. Peter faced many sleepless nights worried about his future until one night he realized the answer to all his concerns was to be found in three words: I don’t know. In that instance, he realized that the nature of life is uncertainty. He went on to explore how the mind influences our lives through his work with professional athletes and sports teams, entertainers, and global organizations. Peter is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential. Peter works with everyone from world-class athletes to stay-at-home parents to redesign the subconscious mind. We exist within limiting mental constructs that dictate our thoughts, feelings, actions, and the results we experience. Peter helps people and groups step outside of the world as they know it by identifying mental constructs that have been holding them back. Peter’s work explores the fundamental issues that affect us all to foster a deeper understanding of our common humanity. Peter is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential. 


Connect with Peter:  
IG: @petercroneofficial 
FB: @petercronethemindarchitect
Twitter: @Peter_Crone

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