Tony Kanaan

Sep 26, 2019

EP 7 - Tony Kanaan
Today we're talking to Tony Kanaan, who is an Indy car driver and was a team-mate of mine. So for me, I was really interested in hearing about him as a person in his life. That's just stuff you don't get into when you're friends. You just kind of going about your life and your work. But I really wanted to dive into that. And so we did. And he had a lot of really great perspective on the challenges of not just the job itself, because it's hard.  But really what I wanted to know about his life. So we talked about the balance of that and how to grow as a human being to being a happier person. Please enjoy.


Perennial Indy car fan favorite Tony Kanaan won the 500 in 2013.  Tony is also known as the Ironman of Indy car with record 300+ consecutive starts.  Off the track, Kannan is also a dedicated runner and cyclist who has competed in numerous triathlon and Ironman competitions, including the Ironman World Championship in 2011.


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